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Biochar Chip 1 Cubic Foot

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  • 1 Cubic foot volume
  • Chip Size
  • 1" to .25" size pieces
  • Used as a home for microbes to live in
  • can be used in fields, potting soils, containers, grow beds, at 5% volume
  • Made from beetle kill lumber
  • Chip size acts as an aeration amendment 
  • Can be pre-charged with compost tea, mixing with compost, spraying with liquid inoculates like fish, kelp, etc... 

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  • How is the biochar made?

    Via Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the thermo-chemical conversion of dry organic materials (i.e. woody wastes) into bio-oil, syngas, and biochar.

  • I need to top dress approximately 150 sq. ft. of garden. Will one cubic foot of your biochar chip accomplish that. It seems like the chips in your product are bigger than what is offered elsewhere, is that correct?

    These larger chunk chips are the same product we use in our soil.  You want to use biochar at a rough use rate of 5% the finished soil volume.

  • Hoping to add biochar to each of my existing 4x4 beds for the first time. Can you suggest how much I can add to each bed. Each bed has had several years of growing. Started with a Subcool recipe. Have been supplementing. Each bed has had pounds of worms for several seasons and receives my food waste bokashi that has sat in soil bins to finish as top dress along with bokashi tea. Having soil tests done but haven’t received results yet. Based on results planning on adding amendments along with biochar, rice hulls, compost, and a few things. Thanks for any help

    You want to add biochar at a rate of no more than 5% of the total volume of soil you have.

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