custom organic soils oklahoma

custom Organic Soil

Redbud Soil Company makes small batch craft soil in our Oklahoma City Location. Our soil is designed to perform in a notill application saving you thousands on input costs & labor.

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natural & organic ipm okc

Natural & Organic IPM

We only focus on natural and organic integrated pest managment methods. From beneficial insects, to biological insecticides, we can help you manage a wide range of plants using only natural & organic practices.

Sales & Installation Of Indoor Grow Equipment

Light Dep Greenhouses, Cold Frames, & Hoop Houses

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Redbud Soil Company Gardening Classes

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100% natural & organic garden methods

Natural & Organic Methods

We pride ourselves on only using natural and organic methods in the growing of all crops whether they be in a field, home garden, greenhouse, or warehouse.

safe natural organic garden products

safe & Effective Products

All products we sell are natural and or organic. We won't carry or use any chemicals, including hydroponic nutrients, or chemical pesticides that may harm the environment or humans.

using science & nature to grow plants

Science + Nature

We use scientifically proven methods & products to work with nature to help faciliate the growing of crops using only natural & organic practices.

Contact Info

1113 NW 1st St
Oklahoma City, OK 73106
(405) 601-1300

Monday - Saturday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday, Closed

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Phytoremediation - Why You Should Use Organic Soil In Cannabis Production

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