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Product image 1Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine
Product image 2Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine
Product image 3Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine
Product image 4Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine
Product image 5Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine
Product image 6Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine
Product image 7Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine

Twister T4 Tandem Trimming System With Trim Saver - Trim Machine

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Aligning the harvest schedule with the cultivation team is challenging due to the constant changes. By nature, cultivation is experimental and at a medium to large scale, it takes trial and error to find the method that works for every harvest scenario. 

The Twister T4 helps alleviate the pressure by adapting to the variability in cultivar characteristics, like flower quality, size, and density keeping you on top of your harvest schedule so you can focus on other aspects of the business.

With six settings each for both the tumbler and the blade, the new T4 standard with Speed Control gives you thirty-six trimming styles in one quality machine. Adaptability is critical, and as each strain differs, you can set your trim settings to your harvest liking. Darwin would be proud.

Wet Timming

Wet flower is denser and more flexible because of its higher moisture content. This makes it more resilient when trimming and allows the choice to increase the blade and tumbler speed to maximize blade contact to achieve a tighter trim.

Dry Trimming

Dry Trimming? Dry flower is lighter, more fragile and can be difficult to dial in the ideal 10-13% moisture content for optimal trimming. Reducing the tumbler speed and vacuum suction will allow a more gentle & softer trim, enabling you to trim even those low-density, delicate flowers you used to hand trim.

The T4 was built to meet the demands of medium to large scale cannabis and hemp producers and its reputation holds true. Its versatility, mobility, trim quality and ease of use has made the T4 the number one purchased cannabis trimmer, not only in the Twister lineup but across the industry.

T4 Trimmer Features
• Lightweight
• Portable with its two-piece design
• Adjustable feet to allow incline
• 304 stainless steel tumbler
• Nitrided steel blades
• Stainless steel high air flow guard
• Scale up to 3 wet / 2 dry in a row
• Control box with dital controls
• Speed control of tumbler
• Speed control of blades
• Airflow control (Vacuum Bypass)


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Processing Capacity Of Different T4 Trim Machine Configurations:

T4's Type Feed lbs/hr
(up to)
Feed kgs/hr
(up to)
1 Wet 23
2 Wet 52
3 Wet 78
1 Dry 7 3
Dry 16

Twister T4 Trimmer Specs:

  • Input Voltage-115
  • Current Draw- 2A
  • Blade Motor-200W / 0.25HP
  • Tumbler Motor- 6W / 1/125HP
  • Cut Height- 0.040" / 1/25 / 1mm
  • Weight- 56lbs / 25.4kg
  • Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector)- 120lbs / 54.4kg
  • Length- 25in / 63.5cm
  • Width- 15in / 38.1cm
  • Height- 16.5in / 42cm
  • Discharge- 5in / 127mm

    Twister T2 Leaf Collector Specs:

    • Input Voltage- 115V
    • Motor- 1 HP
    • Amps (running)- 10A
    • Amps (startup)- 53A
    • Motor Speed- 3450RPM
    • Airflow Capacity- 1190 CFM
    • Static Pressure-6.45in of H20
    • Impeller- 10"/25.4cm
    • Inlet- 5 1/2"/139.7mm
    • Height- 19in/48.3cm
    • Weight- 58lbs/26.3kg
    • Circuit Breaker Required- 15A/120V
    • Connector (plug)- 15A 120V (NEMA 5-15)
    • Sound Rating- 77 db
    • Fused- Yes

      Why Choose Twister Trimmer Trimming Machines? 

      Trimming Sucks—it’s been Twister's mantra for over a decade. And back when hand-trimming was the industry standard, it certainly did. But thanks to professional cannabis trimming machines like the Twister T4, T2 and now the revolutionary Twister T-Zero, the art of trimming cannabis and hemp has been transformed from an exercise in tedium to one of opportunity.

      Professional cannabis producers across the globe know that a well-planned, customizable Twister trimming solution can positively impact nearly every side of your business, from engineering and harvesting, to finance, HR, and quality control. In this new era of professional cannabis production, you need to trim your costs along with your cannabis and get greater control over your productivity, safety, labour, and downtime, all while producing top-quality output. In short, you need a Twister.

      Outstanding Design, Exceptional Engineering

      When you purchase a Twister, you’re investing in over a decade of design and manufacturing excellence. How can you measure this level of quality? Start with this:

      The industry average for warranty returns is around 2%. The best brands in the business average 1%.
      Twister is at 0.5%.

      Preserve the Profile of your Flower

      Don’t grind down the appearance of your flower with other trimmers when you can keep the natural beauty and profile of your flower intact with Twister’s SoftTumble™ technology.



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