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Top Dress Mix For No-till Living Soil 1lb.

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We no longer make a top dress kit. 

Since it's impossible to make a top dress kit that fits every situation, we have decide to discontinue our pre-made top dress.

What should you do now?

Please get a soil test, and amend with only what you need. It truly is the right way to do it. Click the link below for our soil testing services with or without recommendations. 

Soil Testing Services

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  • How many cups of the top dress mix would I get out of your 1LB package? I'm trying to figure out how much I need to order.

    Roughly 1.75 cups per 1lb.

  • Do you have a specific Bloom top Dress, or would I get the proper nutrients needed out of the top dress mix you have here.. And if you have any suggestions on any other amendments best suited for Bloom. Please let me know. Thanks.

    We don't specifically make a bloom top dress. It is always best to get a soil and sap test to make sure you know exactly what nutrients your soil needs.

  • Should I use this exclusively after each grow or should something like this be added regularly, say, every 30 days or so even during grow. And if so would it be more beneficial to add during veg or flower?

    We personally just add it once per cycle. You can add it multiple times throughout a plants ife, but just make sure not to over apply.

  • Can this top dress mix be used to feed/boost any organic living super soil? Or is it specifically designed to be used with your products only?

    We have customers use this with other brands of soil with great results.

  • I’m wanting to re-amend my soil but continue to use my base nutrients throughout the plants life. I’m using 707 from Roots Organic and I bought some top dress mix.. would this work well for what I’m looking for, or should I add more? How many gallons of soil will 1lb of top dress amend?

    If you are using 707 and base nutes, maybe it would be a better idea to mix in the top dress after each cycle. If you are currently in a grow, and want to add the top dress to this type of setup, then I would mix the top dress into water, and then water it in.

  • I want to recharge your redbud soil between grows by mixing this in myself instead of using worms. Would that work? If so how much would I use to recharge a 5 gal pot?

    If you were going to do that I would add a few cups of compost along with 1 cup of the top dress per 5 gallon container. Then watch your plants during the next cycle to see if you need to add anymore.

  • Top dress just turned to cement on top of the mulch. Pretty hard to break through it, I can't imagine seedlings having an easier time. How long does it take to reach the soil and thus become available for the plants?

    Every setup is different. If you have so much mulch, and have added so much top dress that it has created a hardened layer on top of the mulch, then I would suggest to move your mulch next time, and add the top dress, then put the mulch layer back in place. That way the worms, and insects can then work on the top dress mix that is sandwhiched between the soil layer and mulch layer.

  • How many cu ft of soil will 1lb of amendments cover

    Here is a base suggested use rate for the amendment blend 

    15 gallons 1/2 to 1 cup
    30 gallons 2 to 3 cups
    50 gallons 5 to 6 cups 
    4 x4 soil bed 12 to 15 cups

  • I see that it says to reamend soil between cycles, does this mean for the first time using redbud living soil you dont need this?

    When using the soil for the first time, there are plenty of nutrients in the soil to complete an entire first grow. No need to top dress anything. Once you finish your first grow and harvest, you should top dress our premixed amendment blend.

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