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Product image 1Soil Testing - Native Soil & Potting Soils
Product image 2Soil Testing - Native Soil & Potting Soils
Product image 3Soil Testing - Native Soil & Potting Soils

Soil Testing - Native Soil & Potting Soils

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We choose to use A & L Labs for our soil testing needs. 

Our No-till living soil as well as most other brands will be considered a potting soil when it comes to testing.

Native soils, are the soil outside in your yard, garden, or field, and are made up of sand, silt, clay, etc..

Potting Soil Testing:

For potting soils, which is what products like our living soil would be considered, we choose to use their container media extract process. 

This soil test is designed specifically for these engineered type soils. That being said, A & L's target ranges will be much lower because they are not growing and fruiting plants in these container medias typically. 

Since we are wanting to grow intensively, and often times have multiple crops per year, we have set our own parameters using this testing process which will help to ensure your plants nutritional needs are met.

Native Soil testing

Since native soils will have a different composition and be made up of different base ingredients (clay, sand, silt, etc..) we use A and L labs native soil testing services. This will be a complete test, along with salinity testing. 

Print out the below soil submission form, and send in your samples, along with the form, to the address on the form. 

 Soil Testing Submission Form

For any question, please shoot us an email or give us a call. 


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  • Hi, I live in Southern CA and need to have my soil tested. The raised beds and regular beds have been amended over many years with natural/organic materials and in general do well. But I think they can do better.... Do I need to send one sample of soil mixed from the different garden beds or perhaps do one for the general garden beds and one for raised beds? Do I need to do the $56 potting soil test or the native soil test?

    Please shoot us an email and we can get you the info you need.

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