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Product image 1Centurion Pro Original Trimming Machine - Wet or Dry Trimmer
Product image 2Centurion Pro Original Trimming Machine - Wet or Dry Trimmer
Product image 3Centurion Pro Original Trimming Machine - Wet or Dry Trimmer
Product image 4Centurion Pro Original Trimming Machine - Wet or Dry Trimmer
Product image 5Centurion Pro Original Trimming Machine - Wet or Dry Trimmer
Product image 6Centurion Pro Original Trimming Machine - Wet or Dry Trimmer

Centurion Pro Original Trimming Machine - Wet or Dry Trimmer

Regular price $8,295.00

  • Trimmer comes with everything you need to start trimming right out of the box. 
  • Includes leaf collector and hopper

The CenturionPro® Original is the most sought after machine on the market. The CenturionPro® Original does the work of over 20 human laborers without sacrificing quality! If you’re looking for an innovative hydroponics trimming machine that maximizes your productivity, look no further than this professional trimmer. This machine will harvest wet or dry flowers by simply changing the tumbler. It will harvest 8–12 lbs dry (40–60 lbs wet) per hour of use. The CenturionPro® Original comes with a strong 3 HP blower that runs on 220 V. A high-quality tool kit is provided with the purchase of the CenturionPro® Original.

Upgrade your tumblers from our standard Electropolish to Quantanium Coated for for non-stick trimming. Prevent precious trichomes from adhering to the tumbler surface without the need for special lubricants or sprays. This also speeds up the harvesting process since no downtime is required to stop and clean the tumblers throughout the day. A simple wipe down with a cloth and warm water will remove the small amount of residue that may be present.

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Original trim Machine SPECS:

Input Voltage 7Amp - 110V NA
Dimensions 30" x 13" x 28"
Weight 90 lbs
Tumbler Diameter 6.5" inches
Tumbler Length 30 inches
Tumblers Included one wet and one dry electropolished steel tumbler (quantanium tumblers also available)
Human Trimmer Replacement 25 people
Processing Capability Dry: 18 - 22 lbs/hr
Wet: 90 - 110 lbs/hr
Cuts Per Minute 37,500
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 years

Original Leaf Collector Specs:

Input Voltage 15 Amp - 220V NA
Dimensions 18.5" L x 20" W x 20" H
Weight 70 lbs.
Airflow Capacity 2750 CFM
Horse Power 3 hp
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years


    What are the Benefits of Quantanium Non-Stick Tumblers? 

    • Quantanium is a multi-coat nonstick with a unique mix of titanium particles blended into each coat. Quantanium’s multi-layer internal reinforcement of titanium creates resistance to scratching, abrasion and wear that exceeds most internally re-inforced and all conventional nonstick coatings on the market. In addition, all of our Quantanium non-stick coated tumblers are made without PTFE/PFOA.
    • The non-stick properties of the Quantanium tumbler prevents precious trichomes from adhering to the tumbler surface without the need for sprays. This results in the end-product having a better visual appearance while maintaining its strong natural aroma and flavors. Overall, this results in a better-quality end-product as the natural properties are preserved during the harvesting process
    • Another benefit of the Quantanium tumbler is that it speeds up the harvesting process since no downtime is required to stop and clean the tumblers throughout the day. A simple wipe down with a cloth and warm water will remove the small amount of residue that may be present.
    • When cleaning the Quantanium tumbler, we recommend that you DO NOT pressure wash it. This will cause the coating to flake and come off. Treat the tumbler the same way you would treat a non-stick pan at home by letting it soak in warm, soapy water. After letting it soak, rinse the tumbler and then wipe it with a soft, clean cloth.

    Why Choose Centurion Pro Trimming Machines? 

    Many people would say that the most labor-intensive step in the production of cannabis is the harvest and all would agree that its the most tedious. With the rise in popularity of trimming machines in the market there has been a large interest from consumers to see quantitative numbers on marijuana trimming times and weights. Unfortunately, this interest is often answered by misinformed and misspelled forum posts by individuals with little experience with trimming machines. This article aims to provide clear information for your comparison purposes and to show how using a trimming machine to harvest marijuana can save you valuable time and money.

    According to a 2016 Marijuana Venture article about professional trimming crews, an experienced trimmer can do around 2 lbs of dry material in an 8 hour day.  The CenturionPro 3.0 trimming machine can process up to 40 lbs of dry product in an hour, assuming you have your material prepped and ready to feed into the machine.  Based on 2 lbs dry per person every 8 hours, which equals 0.25 lbs per hour per person.  This means it would take 160 human trimmers to equal the hourly throughput of one of our trimming machines.

    According to the same article, the estimated cost to the grower is between $150 and $225 per lb for the trimming services.  This means that our trimmers can pay for themselves in less than a day worth of professional trimming services.

    Cannabis trimming machines are ready at the push of a button. This means no more motivating crews of people to get started in the morning with coffee and donuts. Along those same lines machines don’t need food or long lunch breaks, as long as you can buck the stalks fast enough the machine will continue to process at a steady rate for up to 4 hours. After 4 hours of unit run time it is best to disconnect the trimming machine from power for a light clean before restarting operation.

    Using a cannabis trimming machine allows you to free up resources in your operation and allows you to do more with less. Only one individual is required to run the trimming machine while others can focus on bucking the stalks and moving product to drying racks or storage. Any other employees who would have normally been dedicated to bud trimming during this time can now focus on other tasks

    As the cannabis industry evolves producers will have to become more competitive. Lowering the overhead associated with trimming marijuana is an easy way to add profit to your pocket. The cost of a one-day rental is a fraction of what you would spend hiring a crew to trim your product. Rounding up a crew to process your bumper crop will no longer be an issue. No more no-shows and flaky people to deal with. In addition, trimming machines are easily portable and disassemble for cleaning in just a few seconds. Lastly, the machine is pressure washable for easy cleanup (minus the tumbler).

    In an industry where security is pertinent to reputation and mitigating risk, trimming machines run by a small crew are a smart alternative to large weed trimming parties. Unfortunately, “loose lips sink ships”; each new crew member added for a harvest, increases the opportunity for risk. As the cannabis industry matures regulations on producers will call for higher security which increases costs with each new employee hired.

    Remember, trimming machines don’t talk or have ulterior motives.

    Hand-trimming marijuana can have varied results from person to person, but a machine produces a consistent product every time. Machine trimmed product is very uniform. In addition, quality trimming machines are adjustable to deliver a desired level of trim. Trimming machines also excel at trimming smaller flowers clusters often ignored by hand trimmers. With a well-maintained trimming machine the quality of your final trimmed product will look the same batch after batch. Consequently, the same can’t be said about human trimmers who get tired and sloppy after a day of trimming, resulting in inconsistent results. Instead of relying on other people to share the same level of pride in your product, use a trimming machine to deliver beautiful results time and time again.

    As your seed to shelf life-cycle continuously improves your harvest methods should too; don’t let epic strains and huge colas be your only focus. Supplementing your harvest with a trimming machine yields instant ROI in time savings. Trimming machines are easily scalable, unlike trimming crews. Adding another trimming machine to your fleet is as simple as renting or buying another unit. Hiring new members for your trimming takes time and energy you could be spending elsewhere. For comparison adding another machine is the equivalent of adding 25 people to the operation.

    Trimming machines are compatible with other accessories to make trimming even more efficient.

    People often ask about the final quality of machine trimmed product and how it compares to hand trimmed product. The current generation of trimming machines provides close to hand-trimmed quality at a much faster pace than hand trimming.


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