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1 Yard Tote Organic No-Till Living Soil™

Regular price $325.00

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This is our premium soil blend designed to be used in a no-till environment. Our soil is packed with local Oklahoma made compost. Our biochar is made from beetle kill trees in Colorado, and is chunky for added aeration & surface area. This soil performs best when red worms are added to each pot, and either mulched, or a cover crop is added. Top dressing amendments between cycles is advised for optimum conditions cycle to cycle.


Ingredients: Peat, Pumice, Rice Hulls, Compost, Biochar, Oyster Shell Flour, gypsum, Azomite, Basalt Rock Dust, Crab Shells, Fish Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Kelp Meal, Diatomaceous Earth, Yucca


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To Calculate how much soil you need you can use our free soil volume caluclator. 


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Ask a Question
  • what is the difference in the number correlating with the price?

    The price is based off of volume discounts.

  • how many gallons is 1 yard?

    It's roughly 200 gallons of soil

  • Looking to start a indoor grow in a 4x4 tent was curious if I could get away with a 7or10 gallon fabric pot instead of 15 for some autoflowers. Still will cover crop and mulch no matter the size. Looking to purchase a yard of soil to get 3 45 gallons going outdoors this year so figured I could use 4 10 gallons in my 4x4 in the mean time to use up the majority of the soil.

    When cultivating autoflowers, if the roots hit the side of the pot the plant will begin to flower. Smaller pots may result in extremely small autoflower plants, but some strains are starting to have this trait breed out of them.

  • Do you guys use any manure's in your no till soil?

    There is horse stall bedding used in our compost. That is then mixed with wood waste and blended to make the finished product.

  • hi. the organic no till living soil. can i reused ir or do i have to keep treating it so i can keep using it long term. hola el organic living soil. es una tiera que puedo segur usando a largo tiempo o con el tiempo tengo que ir tratando lo.

    You just need to reamend after each harvest. You can use the soil in the same containers for many years. There is more info on our blog to teach you how to use our soil.

  • How much does it cost for the delivery of one yard of soil?

    A lot of factors determine the shipping cost for a yard of soil. You can either shoot us an email or call us and we can get you a shipping quote.

  • will this fill a 200 gal pot?

    1 yard does equal roughly 200 gallons. So it would be perfect for that size container.

  • What about autoflower strains? Is this too hot?

    We have tons of customers growing autoflowers in our soil. If you are going to plant straight in it, it's best to fill your pots, and water them for 3 days or so. This will make sure the soil is moist and the biological activity will be chilled out so that there are no issues with burning your seedlings. We have done many tests, and have yet to have any issues with burning seedlings, but it's always better to be a little cautious.

  • Do you have to add nutrients to this soil, or is it a just add water type of soil??

    If you look at the attached images or go to our blog you will see a printed guide we have created to show you the best way to use our soil to get the most out of your plants. That being said, we do have lots of customers that do water only, but again with a few additives you can get bigger yields, and a higher quality product.

  • What kind of peat moss is in your soil?

    We use OMRI listed peat moss in our soil. It is a finer grade, with very little chunks or larger pieces which gives the soil a more consistant overall texture.

  • What’s the weight on the yard of soil?

    1 yard of our soil weighs roughly 600 pounds. It can easily be hauled in the back of a half ton pick up.

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best value

considering you only buy it once, the value can't be beat. my plants have never looked better. highly recommend to anyone

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