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Commercial Sales of Indoor Grow Equipment

commercial living soil indoor grow

Don't let our name fool you, Rebud Soil Company can help you to design, and implement any size indoor, or outdoor medical/recreational cannabis or hemp garden. Obviously we can supply you with our proprietary living  soil, but we can also help in the design and implementation of your entire garden.

We specialize in notill organic practices. Our staff can teach you to amend your soil after every crop, and use the same soil in the same containers for years. We can advise you on what cover crops perform best, and to even make your own in house “fertilizers”. We can also aid in training your staff to use only natural and organic ipm practices to help keep pests at bay.

For indoor grows we start with a lighting layout to maximize canopy coverage and light penetration of the crop. With the correct lighting layout you can be sure to only use the amount of watts necessary for your specific garden. A major part of the lighting design aspect of an indoor marijuana grow is what type of light you choose to use. Whether it be CMH, DE, LED or a mixed spectrum, we can help design and install a light package that will maximize quality while saving money.

One of the most important parts of an indoor garden is going to be humidity. We work with HVAC Companies that make units that can both cool, and remove humidity at the same time. With these units you can control the humidity, temperature, and even the amount of co2 in your garden. It literally is a one stop shop AC unit.

For a lot of people outdoor gardens make sense. Land is inexpensive, and you don't have to worry about the high electric bills due to AC use. The most important part of an outdoor garden is the soil. Without quality soil you will not have healthy plants. Obviously as our name states, we specialize in organic soil. Our soil is designed to be used in a notill environment. Notill soil is bought one time, and used season after season. This will save a dramatic amount of money in input costs, and labor. The larger the operation the larger the savings.

light dep greenhouse oklahomaGreenhouses will play a big roll in the hemp and cannabis industry. We can help get you started with either cold frames, hoop houses, or full light dep greenhouses. We feel as the industry progresses, and the prices stabilize, Outdoor, and Greenhouses will play a larger role.

For both indoor and outdoor gardens we can provide all of the necessary equipment, installation, and training to get you growing the highest quality organic cannabis possible. From fabric pots, soil beds, light controllers, air filters, water filtration, to the complete wiring and build out of an entire commercial sized garden, Redbud soil Company can help you implement the garden of your dreams.

To get started on your garden email, or call to speak with one of our specialists today.

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