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No-till Top Dress Blends

When running Redbud No-till Living Soil you will at some point need to replenish the lost nutrients that your plant removed when growing. This can be done in numerous ways, but the easiest is to use our pre-mixed no-till living soil re-amend blend. It includes all of the necessary amendments you will need to recharge your soil, and get high quality, with good yields, cycle after cycle.


When you buy or make soil there will be nutrients already mixed into the soil. These nutrients will last anywhere from a few weeks, up to a few months. If you are just trying to do a one and done grow, then replenishing the nutrients isn't much of a concern. But, when doing no-till you will have to address providing the proper nutrients to the next round of plants.


The key to no-till growing indoors, and outdoors, is the worms, insects, etc.. help to cycle nutrients from old plant matter dropped on the surface, cover crop debris, and soil amendments that you add in. Without the help of the worms and insects, replenishing lost nutrients would be more difficult without mixing the soil again.


In nature if we follow the cycles of the seasons we will see that old leaf debris and plant residue fall in the autumn, and then over winter and spring the worms, and insects break this down into nutrients and organic matter. When summer comes, last years waste becomes this years crop nutrients.


With no-till living soil we try to replicate this same cycle, but we can do it indoors. We leave plant residue and debris on the surface of the soil, and after we harvest, we resupply the lost nutrients that were taken from the last crop. We leave all of the work to the worms, arthropods, microarthropods, etc.. and all we have to do is let them do what they were designed to do.


The main benefits of Redbud No-till living soil is that it reduces labor costs, reduces input costs, cuts water usage, and grows high terpene plants. To get these results and more ,cycle after cycle, you need to make sure to provide all the necessary nutrients a plant needs. If you do not address macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients then at some point you will run into issues with quality, growth rate, yields, etc..


This is yet another reason why people are switching to Redbud Soil Company Notill Living Soil. With very little maintenance and the use of our pre-mixed amendment blend you can grow high terpene plants cycle after cycle all while cutting the other costs associated with growing.

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