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LED Grow Lights

Led Grow lights are now the fastest growing sector of the indoor grow light market. LED Plant lights have been on the market for many years, but only in the past couple of years has the technology advanced enough that they are a great alternative to traditional HID Lighting.

For those of us that have been growing for more years than we care to mention, we have seen many different renditions of LED lights being sold under many different names over the years. As little as 5 years ago, LED technology just wasn't there when it came to growing marijuana indoors.

Today it seems there are more Companies than you can name that are offering high quality LED based indoor lighting that actually lives up to the hype. As our Company is based around organics, and regenerative agriculture, we have been waiting for the day that LED Grow Lights are finally worth making the switch to.

For small home grows Led lights are a no brainer. The cost has come way down in recent years, and the fact that they produce less heat and draw less wattage makes them a win for just about all personal grows. No matter if you are growing 6 plants, or are lucky enough to be in a State that allows much more, we have plenty of options of LED based Grow Lights that are using the latest Led Technology.

The day has finally come where LED's can now be used in commercial grow spaces, and produce adequate yields. For so many years the yields just weren't there, and we even saw commercial grows change out entire rooms of LED's after only 1 harvest. Those days appear to be behind us finally. Although if you use the comparison of LED watts vs. HID watts you may be a bit disappointed, but if you use a watt for a watt, you will be more than happy. Even if your yields are a little less, the power draw, and HVAC requirements for LED lights is significantly less. This alone should help your bottom line when you make the switch to LED.


What type of led grow light should I use?

This all depends on your application. For veg you won't need as many watts, and you may want to use a veg style LED light bar. These light bars are shaped like a standard ceiling fixture you may have seen for many years. Whether you want red, blue, white, or a combination of the three is up to personal preference. It seems we are seeing more and more white LED veg light bars hit the market. As white mimics the suns light more.

For flower LED Lights the choices are to numerous to list. Again, white is getting to be extremely popular as it mimics the sun, but it also is similar to a CMH style of light. This makes it an easier transition for growers that have been using CMH lights in their gardens. There are still plenty of lights with different combinations of LED colors. Red & Blue with white mixed is extremely popular, and sometimes companies are throwing in a little IR Led action to help resin production. Again, there are so many combinations now, it's best for you to pick based off of your specific requirements and end game in mind.

How far away from the canopy should my LED lights be?

This will vary depending on the model of light you purchase, and the intensity of the light. Depending on if they are COB style lights, or they are using lenses that can amplify the light, you want to take care not to burn the tops of your plants. Your air flow, and and air temperatures also play a role into this. With higher air flow, and cooler temps you can sometimes squeeze a few more inches closer to your canopy then you other wise would be able to. Typically though anywhere from 12” to 24” is going to be pretty safe. Always test your lights when first using them, and if they are adjustable then turn the power down, and over an extended period of time slowly turn the power up until you find the sweet spot for your personal garden.


What is the best LED grow light?

This is a question that will have a different answer for pretty much everyone. There are so many variables that there can't be one answer. That being said, there are many reputable LED grow light manufactures that make high quality commercial grade LED grow lights. Some of the manufacturer's that stand out in the crowd are California Light works, Black Dog LED, HLG Lighting Group, Kind Led, and Timber Grow Lights. These are just a few of the many quality manufacturers out there, and new companies are popping up all of the time. Our vendor list changes, but we only choose Companies that produce a high quality product that will give the end user quality results.


Why would I use Led lights when traditional grow lights are way cheaper?

This use to be a really good argument, but in the past couple of years prices have dropped dramatically. If you factor in the savings in electricity usage, the savings in HVAC needs, and the fact that you don't have to buy replacement bulbs, that argument is not an argument anymore. In fact, it can be cheaper now to use LED's in your grow room than traditional Hid lighting. In the next couple of years LED prices are going to drop even more, and the cost saving will be dramatic over traditional DE or CMH lights.


What are the benefits of LED grow lights?

  • Low heat output

  • Low electricity usage

  • Lower AC needs

  • Lower overall operating cost year after year

  • Lower noise production (In a commercial grow this can be a blessing)

  • Wide variety of Spectrum choices

  • Adjustable spectrum, dimmers, power options

  • Easy to install and change out units

  • Very Long Lifetime compared to HID lighting

  • Can be put closer to canopy with the right conditions

  • WiFi compatibility (In some models)

With so many benefits over traditional grow lights it's no reason that more and more growers are making the switch to LED lighting for their commercial and home grows. The wave is even hitting the greenhouse market where commercial grade LED greenhouse lighting is catching on like wild fire. Now that the dollars and cents add up, making the switch to Led is a no brainer. More options, and an overall lower operating cost over the lifetime of the fixtures makes LED lighting the smart choice when building or retrofitting your next indoor cannabis grow.

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