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Why we use cover crop in no-till soil grows

Why we use cover crop in no-till soil grows

Going from traditional soil growing with throw away soils like Fox Farm and Sohum, one of the first differences you will notice is that we use cover crops in no-till soil growing. Cover crops have...

Published on: May 21, 2019
My Journey To No-till Growing

My Journey To No-till Growing

I have always been fascinated by science and nature. Growing up in Oklahoma my fondest memories are spending endless days on my Grandparents farm in Eufaula. Being outdoors and roaming freely always felt peaceful and...

Published on: Jan 17, 2019
What is Bokashi Composting?

What is Bokashi Composting?

    Bokashi is a Japanese term that means “fermented organic matter”. Fermentation of organic waste is not a new concept, we as a species have been using ferments for tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of...

Published on: Dec 03, 2018
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