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How To Kill Squash Vine Borers Organically - Video

We found squash vine borers in our garden, and decided to see if we could save some of the plants using organic metho...

How To Prune Tomatoes For Larger Yields & Healthier Plants

In this video I show you how we are pruning and trellising our tomato plants to increase yields, and help with the ov...

Raised Garden Bed 2022 Video - Episode 7

The garden is starting to get on cruise control. We are monitoring for pests and mold, and feeding once per week. Dri...

How To Fertilize Your Garden Organically - Video

Here's a quick video I did on how we are handling fertilization in our outdoor vegetable garden. It is not a complete...

Raised Garden Bed 2022 Video - Episode 6

The garden is starting to really take of now. We are harvesting food already, and have planted even more crops for fu...

Top 5 Reasons To Use Mulch In Your Garden - Video

In this super quick video, we give you our top 5 reasons to use mulch in your garden. 

How To Setup Drip Irrigation In a Raised Bed garden - Video

In this short video, Larry goes over how we are installing drip irrigation in our raised bed vegetable garden. 

Heavy Metals In Organic Cannabis Growing - Part 2

This is a follow up to my first video about heavy metals when growing in living soil. 

Raised Garden Bed 2022 Video - Episode 5

I've been slacking a bit because of all the rain we have been getting, however we have made a lot of progress on the ...

Raised Garden Bed 2022 Video - Episode 4

Plants in the Ground! We are starting to make some headway on the garden, and have been able to get a few plants in t...

Raised Garden Bed 2022 Video - Episode 3

Well we finally got soil in some of the beds. We got our soil test back, and things are kind of moving in the right d...

Why You Should Stop Using Pre-made Top Dress

In this video I go over the reasons why buying a pre-made top dress blend isn't the best way to re-amend living soil. 
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