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Why You Should Use The Twister T6 Trimmer To Harvest Your Next Crop

Trimming sucks, we all know that. It's literally the worst part of growing. That being said, it is a necessary evil to get to the final usable product, and be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The reason trimming sucks is, you sit their for days at a time, with scissor in hand, and trim hour after hour binging Netflix, all while your back, neck, and hands ache painfully.

I won't ever argue that hand trimming produces a superior end product, but it does come at a cost. For home growers, or even smaller commercial grows, trimming can be expensive when you add in the labor used to hire the trim crew for days at a time. Factor in theft, and personal issues, and trim crews can be less than fun to manage.

With trimming machine technology advancing rapidly, and the prices dropping for true commercial style bud trimmers, Giving the Twister T6 trim machine a look is now worthwhile to most smaller growers.

With a trim machine you can forgo the obvious issues, no theft from the the trim machine, it's a one time purchase, whereas a trim crew is recurring payroll, the trim machine doesn't need a Netflix login, and you won't ever have personal issues with the trim machine.

The Twister T6 portable trim machine can trim 4 pounds dry per hour, or 20 pounds wet per hour depending on your trimming preferences. Since the average good trimmer on a trim crew can trim 2 dry pounds per day, the labor savings will add up dramatically. If a single person can average 2 pounds per hour with the T6, assuming they have to do all of the prep work to the plants, then in an 8 hour day they can trim 16 dried pounds with the Twister T6. This would need a hand trim crew of 8 people to achieve roughly the same results. With those types of numbers, this is why you see so many people switching over to trim machines.

1.2' long twister t6 trimmer tumbler

(the compact design of the Twister t6 makes it easy to transport and store) 

The T6 is also light weight only weighing in at 42lbs. Since the machine is so light weight, and the form factor is designed to be set on a table, you can easily transport this trim machine from location to location. Setup and breakdown time is 2 minutes, so transporting between different cultivation sites is extremely easy. The T6 Trimmer even has a built in handle for easy grab and go transport.

The Twister T6 comes with a stainless steel tumbler for long life and easy trimming. If you need to change the tumbler out for cleaning or any maintenance issues, it is a quick and painless process. With the T6's tumbler you can trim either wet or dry buds depending on your preferences. The proprietary blade technology allows for a tighter cut that can be adjusted per your finishing requirements. The belt drive system that drives the t6's tumbler is enclosed for safety, and durability.

twister t6 stainless tumbler blade (the t6 comes with a stainless steel blade that is long lasting & easy to clean)

Servicing the Twister T6 is built into it's design. One of the goals of the main design of the trimmer is to make it fully serviceable by the you the user. No need to call a repair man for an overly complicated repair. If you do need help with the repair, Twister has a robust customer service team that can walk you through any issues that are available 12 hours per day 7 days per week.

Maintaining the Twister T6 can be done in about 10 minutes, and no tools are required to service it. This makes it really easy to keep your trimming crew running at max capacity, and not get held up by something as simple as forgetting to bring a screw driver. Since it can be transported easily, you can clean the machine between trimming spots, and keep the machine running flawlessly with little effort. Since any down time equates to lost revenue, a machine that can be maintained easily is very important.

(how to disassemble & reassemble the twister T6)

In the event that something does go wrong with your T6 trimmer, it is backed by Twister's 3 year warranty. If anything at all on the machine breaks, it will be replaced. Having peace of mind on a major piece of equipment is almost priceless when your livelihood is involved. Making sure you are fully operational for 3 full years is Twister's main goal.

Since we all know trimming sucks, but we all also love to grow weed, taking some of the suck out of the equation by using the Twister T6 trimmer doesn't sound at all like a bad idea. With a very small investment you can speed up production, cut your costs, and spend more time in the garden.

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