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Do I Need To PH or Filter My Water In Your Living Soil? - Video

 Check out this quick video going over what we recommend when it comes to your water source, and our living soil. The...

Why You Should Use The Twister T6 Trimmer To Harvest Your Next Crop

Trimming sucks, we all know that. It's literally the worst part of growing. That being said, it is a necessary evil t...

Is Living Soil The Best Soil For Growing Weed?

Obviously I am biased as hell, but fuck yes living soil is the best soil for growing weed. With so many choices of so...

Why We Use Cover Crops In Redbud No-till Living Soils - Video

A major part of being able to run our living soil year after year is the proper use of a cover crop. In this video I ...

How To Replant In No-till Living Soil - Video

For people that are new to growing in no-till living soil, it can be confusing on how and when to replant after harve...

Gorilla Grow Tents, Are They Really Better Than a Cheap Amazon Grow Tent?

We all spend time browsing for things on Amazon. It's so convenient, and you can get most items in only a couple of d...
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