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Medical Marijuana Growing Classes In Oklahoma City

Growing medical marijuana is very new to the State of Oklahoma. Since there have been draconian laws that could put a person in prison for decades for only growing a few plants, the cannabis growing culture has been limited.

Part of our mission at Redbud Soil Company in Oklahoma City is to teach people from all walks of life to grow the highest quality medical cannabis possible. For this reason we offer free classes on the fundamentals of growing terpene rich organic medical marijuana.

We have free starter marijuana grow classes that consist of setting up a medical marijuana grow of your own, and the basics of growing medical cannabis in notill soil. With these classes you will be able to get ahead of the curve with using organic inputs to produce truly superior medicine.

For those that already have a knowledge of organic gardening we offer more advanced classes. These classes will be centered around producing your own organic inputs, using beneficial insects for ipm, making solventless concentrates, and much more.

When voters voted on State question 788 it was a referendum on having a choice between prescription pharmaceuticals, and medical marijuana. Taking this one step further this was a choice between man made chemicals, and a naturally growing plant to treat what ails you. Just like in mother nature we should not be using chemicals and pesticides to produce a natural medicine that is suppose to be an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Our aim is to make Oklahoma a mecca for organic and natural medical cannabis. We would also like for the OMMA to recognize that organic medical cannabis is the only medicine that should be produced legally and sold in the State of Oklahoma.

We feel the best way for change is to practice what you preach & teach.

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