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Is Living Soil The Best Soil For Growing Weed?

Obviously I am biased as hell, but fuck yes living soil is the best soil for growing weed. With so many choices of soils on the market, and tons of hydro companies trying to peddle you bottles, why do I think living soil is the best choice when wanting to grow high quality organic craft cannabis?

A Brief Breakdown of Why Living is the Best Choice When Growing Weed

Let's start with beginner growers, they have little to no experience, but have seen so many great pics of weed on Instagram that their expectations are very high. They think they will grow award winning cannabis on their first try. When using living soil a beginner will be way ahead of the curve with just a little research. Since there isn't a need to learn ppm, ec, tds, etc.. you can focus on a handful of things, and end up with solid smoke on your very first run.

a new grower growing in living soil

(new grower growing in Redbud living soil)

We have seen this thousands of times with customers that are new to growing. It took me a solid 3 to 4 years to get what our customers get on their very first run. It's almost as if we did all of the research and development for you, and then gave you the road map to a successful garden. :) Seriously, if you follow a few basic steps, living soil can get you the Instagram like results you desire.

Money, Money, Money....

Regardless if you are a small home grower, or a large commercial grower with 10,00 plants, living soil will save you money in the long run. Living soil can also make a commercial grower more money per pound because of the quality of the end product. Like the caption reads, money, money, money.

Let's face it, as the cannabis industry progresses making a profit for commercial producers gets harder and harder. In markets that have matured, you see commercial licensed growers closing their doors because the competition is getting so tuff. It's getting harder and harder to make the balance sheet balance.

When using living soil in a no-till environment, you will reuse the soil over and over cutting down the expense of new soil, cutting down the labor of removing the old soil, and cutting out the labor of putting in new soil. On top of this, you will be using less, and less water as the soil ages. All of these savings, along with creating a higher terpene rich plant, can allow you to stay competitive in an ever expanding market.

fruiting bodies of mushrooms in a commercial living soil grow

(fruiting bodies, a.k.a. mushrooms in a commercial grow using Redbud Living Soil)

Even for the home grower, the long term expense can be worth the initial investment. We do hear a lot that the upfront cost for soil is more than if you bought some bullshit soil that is marketed in hydro stores. That being said, the purchase is a 1 time purchase, and each crop will then save you money. Typically only taking a couple of crops for the home grower to feel the savings. Imagine how much you could save when you are 5 years into that soil? Money, Money, Money...

People Are Moving Away From Chemicals In Their Lives

If you look at the US, and the developed world as a whole, you will see the trend of people moving away from chemical laden products. In the early phases of this trend you can get a slightly higher premium for a truly organic product, but long term you can build a brand following because the quality of your product is noticeably higher than the competitions. You customer base will also appreciate that you as a company care about what they put into their bodies.

People are becoming more and more educated on what they consume, from food, to beverages, to what they smoke. Strangely enough when growing in living soil, you will create what is considered a “premium product.” I say “strangely” because it's really the way it's intended to be grown, because we are just trying to mimic mother nature as best we can. We are so out of touch in our society, that growing in living soil is now considered a top shelf craft way to grow, when it should just be the way we grow.

The Quality of The Finished Product Is Far Superior

No question, hands down, when growing in an aged no-till living soil, the end product will be far superior to just about anything else you can buy or grow. It doesn't matter if you are a home grower, or a commercial grower, the finished product you grow in aged living soils will be terpy as hell, and crush bottle fed plants, and hydro store soil grown buds. Who would have thunk it that mother nature knew what she was doing all along? Adding Terp Balster 5000 isn't it fam, quality comes from the soil, not a bottle.

frosty living soil grown buds

(frosty ass nugs grown in aged no-till living soil)

It's crazy to me that since we all want the best quality possible that so many people shy away from growing in living soil. I feel like their brain has been trained by the industry to grow a certain way, and then you show them the truth, and they can't handle it. It's never, “that weed sucks”, it's always, “god damn that tastes good.” However, they are stuck in their ways, and they aren't willing to learn a new way of growing. Autopilot is a motherfucker.

The good thing in all of this is, that as a whole, you are seeing more and more people switch to organics in their growing methods. The bar is constantly being raised with what is considered quality weed as well. We see it everyday on Instagram, our customers crushing the game with plants that took me so many years to achieve similar results. Typically by the third cycle, our brand new grower customers are having results that are on par or better than what is considered high quality flower. So instead of years of practice, with our living soil, we have dropped it down to a few cycles to achieve top shelf results.

If this hasn't' changed your mind on why living soil is the best for growing weed, then I would suggest you track down some living soil grown flower or concentrates, have a taste test, and then reconsider. You will not be disappointed.

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