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For Organics OKC, look no further than Redbud Soil Company

 Redbud soil Company is an OKC organic enthusiasts destination. We only work with natural and organic inputs for any and all types of gardening. From field crops, hemp, home gardens, to large scale Medical Marijuana grows in Oklahoma, Redbud can supply everything you need for a successful harvest.

We specialize in notill methods of growing plants. These methods can be applied to outdoor crops, as well as indoor. It lowers your over all cost by saving input costs from using the same soil for years. Notill literally means, no tillage. The basis of notill is to not disturb the soil, and the processes that naturally take place in a healthy soil.

One of the main benefits of notill is much lower input costs. For indoor users this is compounded because you are not changing out your soil every cycle. This can mean a dramatic annual savings. The larger the facility the larger the savings. This also equates to less man hours to run a similar facility that is using regular soil, or hydroponics.

What about fertilizer?

With the notill style of growing you feed the soil, and not the plant. The soil will contain worms that will eat the soil amendments that you have applied. They then digest them, and turn them into bio-available nutrients which a plant can use. Without the worms, there is not a functioning notill system.

Typically in a notll system you will apply soil amendments between each indoor cycle. For outdoor crops you may apply them at the end of the season so that they have time to be bio-available for the plants next season. Things like azomite, basalt rock dust, kelp, fish bone meal,and oyster shell flour or typical amendments used to reintroduce the proper nutrients to the soil.

Bottled nutrients are not traditionally used in notill environments. The use of liquid kelp, fish hydrolysate, and liquid humics and fulvics are about as far into the bottled nutrient world as most notill gardeners venture.

Fermented Plant Extracts & Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum (labs)

One of the most popular “fertilizers” used in notill growing is lactic acid bacteria serum a.k.a. “labs”. Labs is made in a process where you isolate the lactic acid bacteria and make it stable with sugary substance like molasses. Labs works by making nutrients in the soil more bio-available. Think of it as a probiotic for the soil. It helps to balance out the microbiology of the soil to super charge the availability of nutrients.

Fermented plant extracts a.k.a. Fpe, are a good complement to the use of Labs. Fermented plant extracts are made by fermenting plants either with just water, or with the addition of labs. When fermenting plants and making extracts there tends to be a smell as everything pretty much rots down. With the addition of a few tablespoon of labs to each gallon of fermenting extract you can take almost all of the smell out of the process.

Both labs and fermenting extracts can be mixed together, and “fed” weekly to the soil. Anywhere from a tablespoon per gallon to a few ounces per gallon of each can be used. The best part of using them is the cost. Since you are your own manufacturer you can save hundreds of dollars per year. For larger commercial facilities this can translate into tens of thousands of dollars. All while having healthier happier plants.

I don't understand organics though

Don't let true organic gardening intimidate you. Here at Redbud we are Oklahoma's local resource for in depth knowledge of growing, and harvesting truly organic plants. We don't sell things like Fox Farm , and Nectar of the God's. We do however have a knowledgeable staff with first hand experience using truly organic methods for decades in States Like Colorado, California, Oregon, Arkansas, and Kansas. We also have a library of books, and classes to teach you all aspects of gardening organically.

Classes you say?

We offer free classes to jump start your entry into gardening organically. These are quick primers, done by experienced organic gardeners, that have first hand knowledge of the practices they are teaching you.

For more in depth knowledge, and techniques we will be offering paid classes that will get deep into the subjects of working with organic soils, increasing crop quality, customizing organic fertilizer programs for field crops, tackling Integrate Pest Management from a natural perspective, making your own fertilizers, and even setting up commercial indoor gardens.

I have the money, but I don't know where to start

We get this a lot. Honestly the will to do something can be overshadowed by the cost of the project. So having the correct capital for a project tends to be half the battle. We offer complete consultation from start to finish. We can train your staff to use proprietary techniques that will lower input costs, and increase quality.

From design, to implementation of commercial grows, all the way down to a single light grow in your bedroom closet, we can help guide you on the path to success.

I want to convert my field crops from chemicals to organics

Nothing makes us happier than to help convert a traditional farmers field over to organic production. Redbud can help with soil analysis, and implementation of organic methods to help bring up soil organic matter and balance nutrients. With organics you do not force feed chemicals to the plants in the field. You focus on making a healthy soil, which will then produce healthy plants.

Science has proven that healthy pants are more resistant to pests, molds, pathogens, etc.. Organically grown plants in healthy soils will lower overall input costs, and increase the value of the crop. Especially when you get certified organic.

For real though, you just confused me

Again, don't be intimidated. We all started out not knowing anything about this. We love sharing our knowledge with eager new organic gardeners. All it takes is a phone call, an email, or a trip to our store, and the rest will organically happen. (yes that was an actual organic pun)

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