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5 Amazing Benefits of a Fall Garden

As you’re wrapping up some of your summer garden plants, have you considered replanting for the fall? Though most people associate gardening with spring and summer, you can still get an amazing amount of production out of your fall garden. Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits of gardening in the fall and how you can make the most of the cooler months before winter sets in.

5 Amazing Benefits of a Fall Garden

  • The soil stays warm. This allows your plant’s roots to really take off in a way that would have been difficult in the early spring. That’s one of the reasons why fall gardens tend to be heavier in root vegetables. Warmer soil also allows the seeds to sprout more quickly and for your plants to begin solid growth faster than in the spring. Add plant food or soil amendments at this time to optimize growth.
  • The air cools down. Summer stress is caused by two specific issues: heat and drought. Fall’s lower air temperatures allow you to work more comfortably while your plants bloom and produce new vegetables for several months. Some plants, such as cabbage-family brassicas, do well even below freezing temperatures.
  • There’s regular rainfall. If you’re tired of the water and repeat cycle, there’s an end in sight! Fall tends to break summer’s dry spells for regular rainfall, typically several times a week if not daily. This allows you to get back to focusing on what really matters with your garden, such as getting back on top of weeding or harvesting your vegetables, herbs or fruits when they’re at their prime.

rain makes fall gardening easier

(fall rains make for less work in the garden)

  • Weeds start to decline. Fall doesn’t just make the trees lose their leaves, but also impacts weed growth. Lower amounts of solar radiation, cooler temperatures and increased rainfall make some of summer’s worst weed offenders in the garden stop flourishing, giving you a chance to catch up on the work and make it easier to enjoy your time in the garden.
  • Insect pests go down in number. Along with weeds, your insect pests will decline in the fall, either through moving to warmer climates or by going into their next step in their annual cycle. This allows you to get on top of these problem pests and drastically reduce their numbers. If you’re able, consider turning the soil before planting to expose eggs and larvae to birds and other predators a day or two before planting.

fall gardens see a decrease in pest insects

(pest numbers begin to decrease in the fall)

By taking advantage of these great fall garden benefits, you can get more production out of your fall garden with less work, while still being able to enjoy the fall flavor long into the winter. If you’re ready to take on a fall garden and need a little help finding the right nutritional supplements or soil additives to keep your garden producing, the experienced professionals at Redbud Soil Company are ready to help. Please feel free to reach out today to get started.

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