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No-till Living Soil FAQ

What size Container do you recommend growing in when using Redbud Soil no-till living soil?

What things are necessary to add to the soil for optimum long term performance?

How often, and how much do I need to water after my containers are setup?

What type of water should I use?

Do I need to PH my water?

Do I need to wait to replant between cycles?

What is in your top dress amendment mix?

Do you use any nutrients, or fertilizers at all or is this water only soil?

What about the terpenes? I keep hearing that no-till produces a better terpene profile.

What are the main benefits of no-till living soil?

Do you have soil tests that I can see?

Is your soil hot, or do you allow it to "cook" before you sell it.

How long have you guys been making soil?

I own a store and want to sell your soil. How do I get it in my store?

My soil looks moldy. I think somethings wrong?

I have gnats in my soil. I think your bags were contaminated.

I transplanted to your soil, and my plants look like shit.

Should I use reverse osmosis water?

Why do you use mulch?

Why do you use cover crops?

Do I have to use worms?

Do I have to use fabric pots?

Can I grow vegetables in your soil?

Can I grow hemp in your soil?

I'm growing outside. Do I need to do anything special?

My soil won't soak up water. What do I do?

Will I have any issues passing State mandated testing on my finished product?

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